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What is Coaching?


Coaching is client-centered, relationship-based, and goal-oriented.


A coach uses questions to direct each conversation instead of suggestions or advice. We are not meeting just to talk. You the  set the agenda, and together we develop concrete steps toward your goals. At Eyes Wide Open, we tackle the area where you are most seeking satisfaction, but keep feeling stuck - anywhere from relationships, to lifestyle, and even pace of life. If your desire is to develop a healthier habit or take that next leap of faith, but you're missing the support, clarity and accountability to start, you're in the right place. Coaching may just be for you!

The coaches at Eyes Wide Open choose to connect with you from Jesus' point-of-view no matter who you are, with the unconditional love to walk alongside you, relate to you, and tune into your God-given capacity and untapped potential to solve the problems you face. 


Coaching & Counseling

What's the difference?

While both coaching and counseling have the similar objective of creating a better future for you, each has a unique focus, and utilizes distinct strategies to support different stages of your journey. Counseling concentrates on delving into the past to help people get well, and coaching works for healed individuals looking to add value to improve their lives further. Look at it as a next step, if you will. Of course, there may be times during the coaching journey when the past will need to be addressed in order to dismantle possible stumbling blocks and envision new possibilities. The difference is that we won't stay there. Our coaching sessions are all about propelling you into the future that you envision for yourself.


Walk me through a typical session.

What can I expect?

1-on-1 coaching at Eyes Wide Open takes place virtually, through the convenience and accessibility of video conferencing. 


The first session is an authentic two-way conversation where we, the client and coach get to know each other better by sharing about life events that have led each of us to where we are today. This helps to build the kind of trust and knowledge needed to walk the journey together. Then, we determine your overall goal for the coaching journey by helping you to zone in on the area of life that you want to see improved.


Every meeting thereafter, we check-in on your progress, allowing you to set the agenda of the conversation. Together, we walk through the thoughts around your goal that stand in the way of seeing change and develop new steps to take action on in the coming days or weeks ahead. These aren't flippant, lofty steps, but rather doable and easily measurable as evidence of success along the way.


Your coach keeps you accountable, not forcefully with shame or nagging, but instead believing in your ability to steward well the life with which you've been gifted. We do not take responsibility away from you. We place ownership in your hands, paving the way for greater capacity and character long after our coaching journey comes to a close.

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